Tweede Walstraat 5
6511 LN Nijmegen
Evenementen Locaties

Extrapool operates in three work fields: sound, art and print and we try to work together as much as possible. Extrapool offers the highest quality experimental performance art (e.g. Kant Noch Wal), sound installations (e.g. Brombron) and extreme/rough print products (Knust) in the Netherlands and internationally. The focus is on DIY culture, graphic designers, new artists without large distribution networks, and fringe artists with semi-popular concepts. We offer the experiment that might go wrong. We show the unpolished. We undo music. Our stage, our auditorium, is best described as: a remarkable context in a flexible, changing, adaptable setting. On the one side informal and intimate, on the other side explicit (dominant) and 'artistic'.

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