Catself 100 (Fin)

Catself 100 (Fin)

Do 28/11 - Amsterdam

Zaal 100

20:00 - 22:00

CATSELF returns to perform at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam. The performance will take place in the restaurant room (Restaurant 100). Before that, a delicious vegan dinner will be served, so if you can, please arrive earlier to enjoy it!

What to expect? Catself plays adventurous songs that tell stories. Some dark, some bright, and all alive with many shades of different colours. Come, listen in and add your colours.

Catself's recent recording:

Catself live at Amsterdam Boat Sessions:

More videos:

"In a world of sound-alike music, Catself is producing unique songs that don't always go where you might expect, and that's a very good thing. The fact she can do so with the result being memorable and capable of repeated listening is the sign of a rare talent." - Michael Hunter, music journalist and radio host, Adelaide, Australia

Catself will start at 20:00.

Entry: donations (in cash; please bring some cash with you)